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What is Texas Citizens for Science?

Texas Citizens for Science is a statewide, grassroots organization dedicated to maintaining the professionalism of science education in Texas public schools and the integrity of science in the Texas public school curriculum. Our members include both working scientists and citizens interested in preserving the quality of science education in Texas. We model ourselves after the successful Kansas Citizens for Science and Ohio Citizens for Science, and organized for the same reason they did: to oppose the organized forces of unreason in our state that wish to degrade the quality of science education in our schools.

Our activities include the following:

  • Ensuring that the scientific integrity of science textbooks used in Texas schools and the Texas science curriculum in TEKS are not compromised by keeping them free of political, ideological, and religious influence.

  • Preserving the state law that prevents the State Board of Education from censoring science textbooks--as it has in past decades, by forcing publishers to make changes in their science textbooks that modify or remove scientifically-accurate information in order to make the content palatable with some State Board members' ideological biases and prejudices--by allowing only changes that ensure that science textbooks are "free from factual errors."

  • Working to prevent some SBOE members from using even this small power to compel publishers to modify science textbooks in the guise of "editing" scientifically-valid content to make them "free of factual errors" that are not really scientific errors, but are only "factual errors" in the minds of ideologically-motivated State Board members.

  • Participating in SBOE textbook hearings to ensure that creationists don't succeed in removing scientifically-accurate information or including scientifically-false topics in science textbooks by claiming that the changes would better enable students to "analyze, review, and critique scientific explanations, including hypotheses and theories, as to their strengths and weaknesses using scientific evidence and information" as required by TEKS.

  • Keeping pseudoscientific concepts such as creationism and intelligent design out of the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS--the Texas school science curriculum), and out of science textbooks used in our state's public schools.

Last updated: 5 July 2003

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