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VICTORY! On November 6, the Texas State Board of Education voted 11-4 to adopt ALL the biology books on the CONFORMING list subject only to normal error correction by the TEA staff. On November 7, all the books were adopted unanimously by voice vote with no dissent. I am happy to report that the biology texts were not censored, weakened, or modified in any way that would reduce their scientific accuracy, especially about the topics of evolution and the origin of life. Four anti-evolutionists on the Board did attempt to adopt only two biology books on the conforming list and adopt the others on the nonconforming list, thereby reducing their sales, but they failed in this attempt. Details of the events that transpired will appear here shortly. Please be patient while I work to summarize, write, and prepare for web publication a great amount of material for educational and historical purposes. This result is a great victory for Texas (and national) scientists, science educators, and--most of all--high school biology students. Everyone who worked on this project to protect the integrity of high school biology books should feel proud.

BREAKING NEWS! 550+ Texas Scientists, Teachers Agree on Teaching Evolution "As scientists and teachers who live and work in Texas, we write to urge the Texas State Board of Education to choose only textbooks that present accepted, peer-reviewed science and pedagogical expertise. We believe that such a process leads to strong curricula of the highest quality, accuracy, and pedagogical appropriateness." (more). Signed by more than 550 Texas scientists. (Document will download or open as a PDF file)

NEW! Trial Lawyers for Public Justice, a national public interest law firm, filed a First Amendment lawsuit on October 30 against Texas State Board of Education officials, charging that their November 2001 decision to reject an environmental science textbook for use in public high schools constitutes censorship in violation of the U.S. Constitution.

NEW! Virtual Charter Schools are Anti-Science A new push by religious-activist William Bennett to sell the concept of virtual charter schools in Texas will have anti-science implications. Bennett's K-12 curriculum is religious-based and plans to misrepresent evolution. The Texas SBOE will vote on this ill-conceived project November 7.

NEW! SBOE Member Don McLeroy's Contemptible Strategy to play one publisher against the others in a cynical attempt to damage the biology textbooks by weakening their evolution content.

UPDATE! TCS Special Hearing Page contains news, press releases, talking points, op-ed articles, testimony, and links for the hearings before the SBOE, including information about the creationist efforts to mislead the SBOE about the evolutionary science content of biology textbooks. The biology textbook adoption vote is November 7, so please contact your SBOE member as soon as possible.

Texans for Better Science Education: The True Story! The TBSE is not really in favor of high quality science education. Instead, it consists of anti-evolutionists and creationists who want to weaken the evolution content of our modern high school biology textbooks.

Texas Citizens for Science Responds to Latest Discovery Institute Challenge! This page has been attracting national attention for revealing the latest deceptions and misrepresentations of the Disovery Institute. Read it and see why.


National Center for Science Education Response to the Discovery Institute's press releases regarding Texas biology textbook changes. NCSE explains that the publishers' changes were minor and did not weaken or distort the textbooks' presentation of evolution in the way that the Discovery Institute wished. Instead, the biology texts continue to present evolution and evolutionary theory in a scientifically-accurate manner.

Evolution: What It Is and What It Isn't Report on the Montgomery County College Evolution Symposium.

The Houston Chronicle has published several editorials, op-ed columns, and letters about the Texas biology textbook adoption controversy, including an op-ed column by TCS President Steven Schafersman in response to anti-evolutionists of the Discovery Institute and on the State Board of Education. Contains Teri Leo's and Don McLeroy's anti-scientific letters and the TCS's reasoned replies to them that reveals their unethical distortions and misrepresentations about evolutionary theory.

The Academic Intelligent Design Controversy: William Dembski and Baylor University Compilation of reports, essays, articles, and reviews of the 2000 controversy about the formation of the Baylor University Michael Polanyi Center for intelligent design studies and its ultimate dissolution and Dembski's demotion.

FAQs about the textbook adoption controversy in Texas Questions and answers about the players, organizations, issues, and agendas of the evolution v. creation controversy in Texas.

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Last updated: 8 November 2003

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